His Betrayal Her LIES

Sophisticated Taylor Briggs had her entire life planned out. Engaged to her college sweetheart, Ari Gallagher, Taylor learns a week before her wedding that her perfect life is all based on lies and betrayal. But being the daughter of the Mayor comes at a high price: Taylor's life is not her own, and she has no choice but to go forward with the wedding.

Ari commits the ultimate sin of unfaithfulness, but adds to the deception when he fathers a child by another woman. A string of events places Taylor's life in danger and into the arms of the sexist bachelor in Chicago, Kalon Knight. Plunging heart first into disaster, Kalon, who is short of being a player, had never believed in love or settling down. He now has his eye on making Taylor his next conquest. Little does he know that Taylor is harboring a secret of her own in this twisted love triangle.

Will Taylor mend her relationship with her husband Ari and continue to live a lie? Or will she throw caution to the wind and embark upon a new journey of finding love with Kalon? 

Kept secrets

With Angel de Amor’s first novel, His Betrayal Her Lies, still lingering on our taste buds, she provides her audience with another burst of flavor by taking us deeper into the world of betrayal and love, where everyone has a secret that can shatter so many lives.…. His Betrayal Her Lies kept you clawing for more to the very end with its revealing truths of Ari’s infidelity with Marci, the one-night stand from hell, who has terrorized Taylor Briggs Gallagher, who is Ari’s wife, but who has now found love with Kalon Knight, the once most eligible bachelor in Chicago.

Kept Secrets begins with Taylor Briggs Gallagher waking up after her car accident…an accident that has left Kalon Knight in turmoil and feeling responsible. Under twenty-four hour surveillance and care by her father Mayor John Briggs, Taylor feels as if she is in prison and fights desperately to get back to Kalon, who her father has refused access to after suspecting that their relationship extends beyond friendship. With the looming concern of disgracing her family and jeopardizing her father’s election, Taylor is force to keep a secret that would tip the love triangle balance in Kalon’s favor.

While Taylor is fighting her demons, Ari Gallagher is in a dark place of his own. After waking up in an unfamiliar place, after choking his daughter’s mother, Maci, Ari tries to piece together the last few hours of his life; however, he quickly realizes that Maci is missing along with his daughter. Ari turns to the one person he can trust; his brother, Jay. Turning his full attention on finding his daughter, Ari is confronted with the fact that he has possibly lost his wife, Taylor, in the process.

Unconventional love

Toni Briggs, Chief Editor for Dynasty Magazine, couldn’t wait for her big birthday bash in Jamaica. A little relaxation and some vitamin D is just what she needs to get over the fact that this same time a year ago she was dumped by her boyfriend of six years. The last thing she expects while sunbathing on the beach is for a set of glistening eight-pack-abs to block her view of the sunlight. As she struggles to bring her eyes to the face of the man in question, she gives a silent prayer that her dark shades are concealing the shock written across her face. She’d know that smirk anywhere. Josh Drake in the flesh. 

Ever since the night he spent with Toni last year, traveling model Josh Drake hasn’t been able to get her off his mind. He dreaded the night he walked out of her hotel room. When he spots a pair of luscious cocoa-colored thighs on a beach in Jamaica, he feels as if fate is giving him another opportunity to see her again. But first, he needs to tear down the ice mountain, Toni has built around her heart. But one thing Josh knows is even Mt. Everest don’t stand a chance when fate has other plans. 


 A Christmas Novella

Peyton Davis has never allowed any man to tell her what to do. Yet, the sexy, mouthwatering ex-marine, Marc, is relentless in what he wants and unapologetic in demanding it. She’s instantly attracted to the GQ mogul, but her attraction couldn’t come at a worst time. The Christmas holiday reminds Peyton of a dark time in her life that she'd rather forget. But, Marc is determined to show her what a joyous time the season could bring if she would only let go of her past.

If the marine core had taught hard-working Marc Jacobson one thing, it was to never give up. So, when feisty and determined Peyton Davis walks into his life, filled with dislike for the holidays, he’s determined to change her mind. But this doesn’t mean she is anything more to him than a damsel in distress who he will bed and be done with, right? Wrong! Peyton awakens feelings inside him that he hadn’t dared want before. Can they both move on from their scarred pasts and find that giving into their attraction could be the best gift of all? 


Sweet and perceptive, Savannah Westbrook is determined to build an internal High Class Society profile on the Puerto Rican billionaire who is so private, that even media sources can’t gather his personal information. But Savannah is confident in her researching abilities and there’s no way Javier Ortiz will remain a ghost forever. Refusing to accept defeat, she hops on a plane to Puerto Rico determined to track down her person of interest. However, coming face to face with a man way sexier than she ever imagined is knocking her off her game...and purpose.

Javier can’t remember the last time he was this intrigued by a woman, but Savannah is making him break all his rules about letting a person get too close. Even so, if she will give him the opportunity to cater to her every need and want, he’s sure their time together will be worth her while. But even lustful days and sensual nights can’t cover the secrets they are both trying to hide. 


Hopeless romantic. Never did two words describe anyone more than Quinn Jacobs…or at least in her mind. Quinn refuses to believe that her fun-loving idealist ways and sentimental dreamer mentality can be mistaken for a creepy class A clinger. 

When she makes a bet with her best friends from high school that she’ll be married within a year, her delusional skewed view makes her think the task seems simple enough. After, repeatedly misinterpreting her romantic partner’s affection for her, Quinn begins to think that maybe it isn’t ‘them’ after all. Maybe she’s the problem. And never has a person agreed with her more than the edgy and mysterious Paxton. They may be oil and water but if he can help her find a guy and accomplish her year-end goal, then who cares. But she slowly realizes that her whimsical ways may have agreed her to a world with Pax that she hadn’t bargain for! 

Paxton Wolfe prides himself on “keeping it real.” Growing up in Orange Mound, Tennessee, taught him that if you want anything in life you had to work for it. When he starts his own flooring business, he kindly kissed away his thuggish lifestyle and entered the world of entrepreneurship. Women, money and full control are the perfect combination. Romance is just an unnecessary distraction and the last thing Pax is looking for.

 However; he hadn’t planned for the bubbly, outgoing and clueless Quinn Jacobs to walk into his life. He’s prepared to put in the work to help her land her dream man, but the one thing he didn’t count on is the slow burning affection he starts to feel for the neurotic – yet mesmerizing – woman. Her uncontrollable honesty, endearing cuteness and inability to not wear her heart on her sleeve, makes her the most dangerous woman to fall for. But he’s not in danger of that… right? 



The Blacksteine Brothers’

Atlanta Hoosiers point guard, Brooks Blacksteine, lives for the game and has never let anything interfere with his dreams. Until an unforeseen injury threatens everything. He’s on the verge of depression until in walks Dr. Kaye Smith to assist him in his summer recovery. Brooks is instantly attracted to the beautiful doctor but he refuses to allow another woman to hang off his arm for status. But Kaye isn’t just any woman and she’s awakening feelings inside of him that he’s never dared to feel before.

Trying to escape her scandalous past life as a naïve, jilted former wife of a professional NFL player, Dr. Kaye Smith flees to Atlanta. Becoming the Hoosier’s new on-call doctor; her first assignment: help sexy Brooks Blacksteine recover from a basketball injury that threatens to end his career. For one of the best orthopedic doctors in the country, the task seems simple enough. Until the pro ball player begins to make Kaye forget all the reasons why she’s sworn off athletes and given up on love.