A Lustful Crush

A Novella

Pisces “Pike” Crystal

When it comes to love, a Pisces is the calm … and the storm. 
I’m a man who’s undisciplined by nature. I don’t like to have things placed in front of me that I can’t have. Until I meet her. She’s sinful and downright nosey as hell. When she finds out who I really am, I’m torn. I don’t know if I should cut her off or pull her closer. It could just be pure lust between us. Or something much deeper … feelings that neither of us are prepared to handle.

The town may be named after them, but for the humble Crystal family, friendship is important, but kinship is everything. Dive into this unique series about a group of cousins who are all about finding love, spending time together, and making sure their secrets stay hidden not only for their sake, but to protect their Crystal Coast hometown.

Please Note: A Lustful Crush is a paranormal romance, force proximity, novella that contains supernatural elements.

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