His Betrayal, Her Lies

Sophisticated Taylor Briggs had her entire life planned out. Engaged to her college sweetheart, Ari Gallagher, Taylor learns a week before her wedding that her perfect life is all based on lies and betrayal. But being the daughter of the Mayor comes at a high price: Taylor’s life is not her own, and she has no choice but to go forward with the wedding. Ari commits the ultimate sin of unfaithfulness, but adds to the deception when he fathers a child by another woman.

A string of events places Taylor’s life in danger and into the arms of the sexist bachelor in Chicago, Kalon Knight. Plunging heart first into disaster, Kalon, who is short of being a player, had never believed in love or settling down. He now has his eye on making Taylor his next conquest. Little does he know that Taylor is harboring a secret of her own in this twisted love triangle.Will Taylor mend her relationship with her husband Ari and continue to live a lie? Or will she throw caution to the wind and embark upon a new journey of finding love with Kalon?

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