Love At Center Court


The Blacksteine Brothers’

Atlanta Hoosiers point guard, Brooks Blacksteine, lives for the game and has never let anything interfere with his dreams. Until an unforeseen injury threatens everything. He’s on the verge of depression until in walks Dr. Kaye Smith to assist him in his summer recovery. Brooks is instantly attracted to the beautiful doctor but he refuses to allow another woman to hang off his arm for status. But Kaye isn’t just any woman and she’s awakening feelings inside of him that he’s never dared to feel before.

Trying to escape her scandalous past life as a naïve, jilted former wife of a professional NFL player, Dr. Kaye Smith flees to Atlanta. Becoming the Hoosier’s new on-call doctor; her first assignment: help sexy Brooks Blacksteine recover from a basketball injury that threatens to end his career. For one of the best orthopedic doctors in the country, the task seems simple enough. Until the pro ball player begins to make Kaye forget all the reasons why she’s sworn off athletes and given up on love.

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