Her Sweetest Seduction

Sweet and perceptive, Savannah Westbrook is determined to build an internal High Class Society profile on the Puerto Rican billionaire who is so private, that even media sources can’t gather his personal information. But Savannah is confident in her researching abilities and there’s no way Javier Ortiz will remain a ghost forever. Refusing to accept defeat, she hops on a plane to Puerto Rico determined to track down her person of interest. However, coming face to face with a man way sexier than she ever imagined is knocking her off her game…and purpose.

Javier can’t remember the last time he was this intrigued by a woman, but Savannah is making him break all his rules about letting a person get too close. Even so, if she will give him the opportunity to cater to her every need and want, he’s sure their time together will be worth her while. But even lustful days and sensual nights can’t cover the secrets they are both trying to hide.

High Class Society Series: 
Blue Sapphire Temptation by Sherelle Green (Book 1)
Her Sweetest Seduction by Angela Seals (Book 2)
Sealed With a Kiss by Angela Seals (Book 3)
Passionate Persuasion by Sherelle Green (Book 4)

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