Sealed With A Kiss

A Christmas Novella

Peyton Davis has never allowed any man to tell her what to do. Yet, the sexy, mouthwatering ex-marine, Marc, is relentless in what he wants and unapologetic in demanding it. She’s instantly attracted to the GQ mogul, but her attraction couldn’t come at a worst time. The Christmas holiday reminds Peyton of a dark time in her life that she’d rather forget. But, Marc is determined to show her what a joyous time the season could bring if she would only let go of her past.

If the marine core had taught hard-working Marc Jacobson one thing, it was to never give up. So, when feisty and determined Peyton Davis walks into his life, filled with dislike for the holidays, he’s determined to change her mind. But this doesn’t mean she is anything more to him than a damsel in distress who he will bed and be done with, right? Wrong! Peyton awakens feelings inside him that he hadn’t dared want before. Can they both move on from their scarred pasts and find that giving into their attraction could be the best gift of all?

High Class Society Series: 
Blue Sapphire Temptation by Sherelle Green (Book 1)
Her Sweetest Seduction by Angela Seals (Book 2)
Sealed With a Kiss by Angela Seals (Book 3)
Passionate Persuasion by Sherelle Green (Book 4)

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