Kept Secrets

With Angel de Amor’s first novel, His Betrayal Her Lies, still lingering on our taste buds, she provides her audience with another burst of flavor by taking us deeper into the world of betrayal and love, where everyone has a secret that can shatter so many lives.…. His Betrayal Her Lies kept you clawing for more to the very end with its revealing truths of Ari’s infidelity with Marci, the one-night stand from hell, who has terrorized Taylor Briggs Gallagher, who is Ari’s wife, but who has now found love with Kalon Knight, the once most eligible bachelor in Chicago.

Kept Secrets begins with Taylor Briggs Gallagher waking up after her car accident…an accident that has left Kalon Knight in turmoil and feeling responsible. Under twenty-four hour surveillance and care by her father Mayor John Briggs, Taylor feels as if she is in prison and fights desperately to get back to Kalon, who her father has refused access to after suspecting that their relationship extends beyond friendship. With the looming concern of disgracing her family and jeopardizing her father’s election, Taylor is force to keep a secret that would tip the love triangle balance in Kalon’s favor.

While Taylor is fighting her demons, Ari Gallagher is in a dark place of his own. After waking up in an unfamiliar place, after choking his daughter’s mother, Maci, Ari tries to piece together the last few hours of his life; however, he quickly realizes that Maci is missing along with his daughter. Ari turns to the one person he can trust; his brother, Jay. Turning his full attention on finding his daughter, Ari is confronted with the fact that he has possibly lost his wife, Taylor, in the process. 

Will Taylor find her happy ever after with Kalon? Or is their relationship too far gone to resolve? Will Ari find his daughter and mend his broken relationship with Taylor? Or will the lies and betrayal supersede his unforgettable infidelity?

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