Her Forbidden Fantasy

Skylar Johnson has lived her life defying the odds. Following in her father’s footsteps, she finally lands a job as an FBI agent and moves from her small Alabama hometown to Santa Monica for training. Even better, she snags the last loft in swanky, Park Manor. She’s excited for her first day on the job … until she runs into her trainer, Special Agent Hawks. She’s determined to show Mr. Drop Dead Gorgeous her skills, but quickly learns he can’t stand her. When he starts barking orders, she isn’t sure if she should give the hunk a piece of her mind or give him a piece of her.

Special FBI Agent Kareem Hawks loves his job. He’s known to his peers as the heartless trainer, so when he’s assigned to be Skylar’s commanding officer, he’s determined to find a way to get her off his team. The beauty with a backside shaped like a Golden Globe should be illegal. In his eyes, she’s not cut out for this line of work. She’s everything he’s sworn to stay away from and he learned long ago that work and relationships don’t mix. But knowing and doing are two different things.

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