Make Me Yours

Jaide aka JoJo Jackson is a five time, Grammy Award winning pop singer. She’s let fame and fortune deter her from love because men tended to fall at her feet in admiration. Which usually meant, their love – better yet – their lust, was nothing but the fake kind. In all honesty, she adores the attention and she’s never had to work for anything in her life. Little does she know, Aden Campbell has been waiting to bring the big time singer down a notch. 

Stage Manager Aden is all about hard work. The harder, the better! And this perfectionist has watched JoJo for years and knows that this diva pop star wouldn’t know hard work if bit her in her beautiful backside. When he learns she’ll be taking his stage on one of the biggest events to hit Chicago, he can’t help but smile. The city is his playground and with him, everyone is on equal footing. No matter what he’s heard, he’s ready for her feisty attitude.. Or so he thinks… 

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