Three Sexy Elves

Who says you can’t have it all? Love, that’s who. Being dumped three weeks before Christmas by my fiancé was enough for a girl like me to take a chance and risk it all. Wait! I’ve never been the adventurous type. In fact, I’m the lame type. Until my cousin comes up with a non-brilliant idea to have me bid on a 3-day singles Christmas cruise.

Problem is, I hate water, boats and there’s a whole list. Which is enough reason to send me running in the opposite direction when I find out I won. However, cruising is on my bucket list and a fear I’d love to conquer before my aching heart takes me out. 

The other issue is —the boat leaves from my hometown — a place I vowed to never step foot in again due to a person who shall remain nameless. Yet, I need this vacation and my mind needs the release. Maybe I can sneak into town without being noticed? Then I see him and… damn, aging has only made him sexier!

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