My Top 4 Rec’s

Welcome to Angela’s Oasis! No matter if you’re new to me or you’ve been rocking with me since the beginning of my career, here are a few books I recommend to dive into my world.

Rec #1: His Betrayal, Her Lies

  • Where it all began (my first novel).
  • Edgy, scandalous lovers torn and lovers found.
  • Jaw-dropping secrets after slap-your-face betrayal.

Rec #2: The Royal Mess

  • Where it’s currently at (a recent novel).
  • Opposite attract, they never going to work out kinda romance.
  • Crime leader meets sweet and innocent socialite.

Rec #3: Craving Maverick

  • When I collaborate (part of a multi-author series).
  • A bad boy hero from a prestigious family.
  • Slow burn, second chance can-he-take-her-from-her-current-man?

Rec #4: Four Page Letter

  • When you need an escape (holiday novella).
  • It’s a fast burn New Year’s Eve Romance.
  • Will they, won’t they make it long distance?

To check out detailed information on my books, please visit my catalog page! Also, make sure you follow me on Amazon at Angela Seals and Angela de’ Amor!

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