The Royal Rebel

Available for PreOrder:

Releases January 16TH

Erin Kane
Sarcastic. Unapologetic. A Rebel.

As one of the top fashion models in the country, I’m constantly being pursued by men. Yet, I don’t believe in love or that happily ever after mess.

When I meet him, I’m intrigued. But it’s not until months later that he finally opens his mouth to speak to me and pisses me off within minutes. When he needs to be taught a lesson in respect, I have to remind myself not to fall for him.

He has secrets that he keeps close to his chest, while I have a stalker out there who won’t leave me alone. This arrogant jerk is the last man in the world I should want. Unless, he’s the only man who will take the time to break the hard shell I’ve kept around my heart for far too long.

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